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How to make fresh yeast (cake yeast)

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How to make fresh yeast (cake yeast)

Does anyone know how to make fresh yeast (cake yeast)?

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I set out today to find a local source for fresh yeast. A number of people have convinced me that it does make a difference so why not give it a try. The trick is to find a bakery that uses it that will sell it to me at a reasonable price. Here in Milwaukee (the home of Lesaffre Yeast Corporation, ) where the largest part of the fresh yeast used in North America is made, You wouldn't think it would be hard to find a block of yeast. 100 pounds, no problem if it's a regular order lol. The sales person that handles the Midwest suggested calling bakeries or pizza joints who tend to like the results from fresh.

Eventually I found a pizza place in a small town near by that was happy to sell me a 1 pound brick for $2.00 The 2 Oz cubes are $3.00 in the grocery stores. He had just gotten the weeks fresh supply and gave me one of the new bricks. I can't wait to try it out and make the conversion totally to fresh.

With proper storage, I hear the shelf life can be well over 2 Months so I'm not worried about spoilage. If I hadn't been able to find it locally, my next best answer was to order it from NY Bakers who also sells it reasonably and ships in a cold pack.



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Mini Oven

I remember reading an old cookbook.  I think ...late 1800's  had recipes on making homemade yeast and cakes.  Many recipes feed and then bottled the yeast.   Here is a listing of old cookbooks and the pages can be read.  I did see one for yeast cakes somewhere.   I think Indiana or Michigan.   Have fun!

Don't get lost...


Example:  Eustis, Celestine    Cooking In Old Creole Days.         I got lost here for hours.

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There is a yeast plant in Headland Alabama that we go by on the way to the beach every summer.   It gives off a nearly unbearable stench.

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When I worked in a bakery we used to freeze it and it kept for a long time frozen.

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Darth Lefty

You can culture yeast with homebrew techniques.