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Introducing myself

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Introducing myself

Hi to every reader of the site, I found out that I 'm member of the site from 33 weeks and, inspite of it, I never, really introduced myself: Paolo, born in Italy (near Torino) 44 years ago but living the last 21 years in Quito (Ecuador), married with a dentist, father of three good kids, I run a small hotel (our hotel) and started to bake bread about 6 or 7 years ago but during the last 2 years I just used  100% sourdough. In the keyword I mentioned passion and soul: to me, are the most important ingredients for baking and, most in general, for cooking, I speak italian, spanish french and english, so if someone need help, wellcome..I wanted to post a few photos of my breads but haven't a photobuket (or similar) account so I'll keep you waiting a bit longer...Any supporter of using chat-like programs (skype, for instance) for discussing or comments about the wonderful world of bread? Before getting boring, I wish a happy baking day to everyone. Hope to post again pretty soon and to give a link where you could see my loaves....Happy day. Paolo


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you don't need to open a special outside photo account anywhere.  If you have a way to upload your photos to your computer, you can just load them here.  You have to make sure you size them properly or the site won't take them, but if you have software that will allow you to edit your photos - just click the little 'tree' icon and that will bring up a box.

If you need help, there is probably a tutorial on this site, but if not I'll see if I can put together a step'by step' process that you can follow.

It's a little confusing at first, but once you do it a few times, it's not so bad.


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There's a guide for how to post photos here in the FAQ:




And, welcome to the site!

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Welcome to The Fresh Loaf Paolo. I can't wait to see your efforts in breads. Do you bake in a wood oven or commercial oven in the Hotel? What kinds of breads do you bake.



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Hi and thanks for your wellcome...the bread I bake is in the gas oven at home, indeed we still have no restaurant service...If I had some room left, I 'd love to make a brick oven, but unfortunately...Susie from avatrax also wrote me giving me some suggestions about uploading pics, a couple of days to get used to the method and hope to post some pics

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Debra Wink

really are the most important ingredients. Welcome to TFL, and happy day to you too, Paolo

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I'm sorry you didn't post your message earlier. I was in Quito briefly in late June. I enjoyed the visit, and hope to return in a couple of years. I hope to try cuy the next time I'm there.

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I was in Quito just at the end of September! It would have been fun to meet a fellow baker. And to swap stories about Italy.



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After all! I hope you enjoyed your staying in quito....most in general, Ecuador has a lot to offer to the tourist! It would have been nice, indeed to meet each other, perhaps giving you some of my dry never know to expect from life: good and difficult moments, sadness, for this reason, i sometimes think that a second, or a minute, may make a big difference, perhaps the world would be a bit better...thanks for your welcome and let me know about your favorite breads and books about bakery, please..take care and see you soon...Paolo

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This is a great site and very helpful people.  I would love to see some Italian recipes that maybe you have created using ingredients from Ecuador. I know that a lot of Italians emigrated there. Looking forward to seeing what you are doing.


Patricia Turo

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to tell the truth, it sounds a bit strange to write you in a language which is not our mother tell you another truth, I don't know a lot of italians here, perhaps cause most of them prefer living in Guayaquil, perhaps i do not feel the need to "feel" the italian atmoshere by going to the embassy or to the Dante Alighieri Cultural Centre...could you see the pic I posted? A bit difficult to tell you about  using ecuadorean ingredients in italian recipes, however I remember I used a couple of time some local figs in a 3 days lasting sourdough based panettone . The trick with figs here, is you do not find them dried like in Italy but cooked for looooooooong time with a kind of "honey" based on sugar cane..this kind of figs (dulce de higos) is also served during easter with cheese..

Do you have any favorite bread? Would you suggest other sites, beside TFL? I love

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Paolo  they make figs the same way in Italy and call it "Mosto cotto' or Saba as you probably know.It is also made of grap skins and other fruits such as pears. It is also used in baking, although I never heard it made with panettone. But I will have to try it, it sounds interesting.  They eat it in desserts or with cheese.  

I have written about this in my blog "A Grape Surprise, Mosto Cotto'


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It's great to receive so many wellcome and tricks about uploading photos! while writing, I' m baking an "everyday loaf"..the ingredients: 150 gr of sourdough, 600 gr of all purpose flour, 13 gr of salt and about 300 ml of water, on the top some sesame seeds...U all made me feel like a new neighbourg just arrived to the new 40 mins i take out the loaf...see u soon. Paolo

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just to give everyone the links of the photos: and

I expected the bread would leaven a bit more and would be a little darker, it's ok if we take so seriously bread making, we can't go to photoshop  and do tricks like models...:) Bye