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Up late baby sitting sour

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Up late baby sitting sour

Hi all,

Love this web site! I'm here in Florida, love to see how Artisan bread has grown. I am an executive bread baker and have much respect for everyone who is making artisan bread at home. It's not as easy as a professional kitchen. I'm here up late baby sitting my olive sour. I like how technical everyone is with their recipes so I have an easy version for those less educated. I call my bread sour because it has a liquid starter, if it were a stiff starter I would call it Levain. I like to use both liquid and stiff in the bakery because I think it adds some unique characteristics, at home liquid starter seems to move faster for me so thats what I prefer. The recipe is as follows: note if you prefer lighter loaf you can omit whole wheat 

2#low protein flour(king arthur bread flour will do)

1#whole wheat(king arthur)

14oz starter

2% salt

65% water(make sure account for liquid in starter)

25-28% calamata olives(about a pound will do)

mix for 2-3 min slow, let sit for 10 min., mix 2 min med speed then add patted dry olives add 1 tbl spoon flour mix med speed for 1 min.

take out fold after 15 min, fold again after 15 min, let rest for 45min fold again, then fold again after 45min  let rest until spongy about 11/2-2 hours.

Divide dough, lightly round then shape into preferred shapes, I like to use couche or basket, ready to bake in 2-3 hours or leave it overnight in fridge and 

bake in the morning, my oven is gas so I preheat to 430 place loaves on stone 15x20 rectangle stone, 10 min. at 430, 40-45 min at 400, if you buy two stones one for bottom and top it holds humidity a little better after you pour water in oven twice within the first 10 min.

hope this helps someone, have to figure out how to post pics but if anyone wants to see them facebook Arbatel Gonzalez 




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Nice simple formula - and the olives make it even better - I live in Oregon (moved here from Jax, FL) and we're into mushroom season - so I'll add some chanterelles to the olives and see how that bakes upl

thanks for the idea - and the recipe.