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New guy from N. Maine

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New guy from N. Maine

My name is Jim and we live in the country in northern Maine. 

Married with two little fellers and my wife homeschools them.

We (mostly my wife now) bake bread every week (3 loafs at a time) of home ground whole wheat bread.

I love to bake.

We have an Electrolux DLX mixer that really simplifies the making of whole wheat bread on a regular basis.

I have the following baking books:

King Arthur 200th Anniversary Baking Cookbook

Best Bread Ever by Charles VanOver

Laurel's Kitchen

The recipe we use every week for our whole wheat bread came from: Bread for Life Volume 1 by Beth Holland.  The recipe uses eggs and we have chickens and it's always turned out and risen excellent.

I just ordered the BBA from Amazon.  Looking forward to it.

I have a Sourdough starter with orange juice going right now thanks to the sourdolady.  Our kitchen is 63-65 all the time so I haven't seen a lot of activity yet at 4 days.  I'm being patient.

I recently ordered a cool-rise leaven from gemcultures.  I'm looking forward to trying it.

This looks like a great website and am glad I found it.

Best wishes to all!