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I'm sooooo excited!

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I'm sooooo excited!

I've been a bread lover as long as I can remember - the denser, nuttier, and wheatier the better!  I had given up attempting to make it, because I had attempted it a few times when I was younger, and the results were DISASTEROUS - ha ha!  I lived contently on breadmaker bread for years, but a few trips to an artisan baker at the local farmers market recently inspired me to try again.  For some reason, it's slowly coming together now, and I am postively addicted to making bread by hand (I'm sure lots of you here can relate) - twice a week at least, and sourdoughs and all!  I've read several breadmaking books now, but I've also been looking for a site like this for a while, and this one looks like the best by far!  I'm so excited, and I'll be full of questions!  This site is going straight to the top of my favourites!  Talk to you soon.

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I agree Spsq. There are many knowledgable folks here who are more than happy to lend a hand to fix problems, share recipes, and give kind and constructive critiques. The recipe section is huge. The photos are good enough to eat. I'm personally addicted to the RSS feeds so I can keep up with all the doughy-goodness that goes on here.


I hope you find as much joy here as I do!