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Well Oiled Ciabatta (Walnut Oil)

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Well Oiled Ciabatta (Walnut Oil)

I started with about 360 grams of 70% starter that had been brewing for a week or so, combined it with a feeding of 360 grams of 70% hydrated flour/water feed, 1% ADY and 2% salt and put it into a well oiled bowl (I used walnut oil for this one) and let it ferment for a little over 24 hours in the fridge.  Transferred it to the oiled counter top (walnut oil again) and did the stretch and fold routine about a dozen times.  Added 10% more flour (now 60% hydration for the final dough) and returned it to the re-oiled bowl for two more hours of fermentation before doing another round of stretch and fold.  Shaped into a very slack loaf on the parchment covered peel and waited another two hours before introducing it to the 425 degree oven for 15 minutes, reduced the heat to 350 and brushed the top with walnut oil and baked another 20 minutes until it was golden brown and internal temp. registered 208 degrees.  Cooled one hour on rack.

Nice tender even crumb, the best "sour" sourdough I've made this year.  Mildly but noticeably sour with a tender crust and a chewy texture.

The walnut oil added a welcome enhancement to the overall flavor but was not at all overpowering (I had expected it might be) so I'll use it again

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I bought a small bottle of Walnut oil a while back to use in a salad and have had it in mind to try as a bread additive. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the flavor. I haven't brushed the top with oil before except with focaccia. I suspect you got a nice walnut fragrance?

Thanks for sharing this. I'll have to give it a go.