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Cream Scones from Home-Milled flour

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Cream Scones from Home-Milled flour

I milled a couple of pounds of soft wheat into pastry flour today to bake these scones.  This is my first try at these using home-milled flour.  I think they came out quite nice.  (My apologies for the poor pictures.  My wife is the pro photographer, but she's asleep!)

Cream Scones


I used the recipe from Crust and Crumb by Peter Reinhart, and just like everyone else that bakes this recipe, I always have to add nearly twice the liquid to get the dough workable.  It was no different this time with home-milled flour than it has been in the past with AP flour.  I think the taste is richer though with the fuller flavor of the home milled flour.  I made these with dehydrated blueberries, straight from the bag, but they came out nice and moist, albeit a bit chewey, without soaking or boiling them first. 

My wife requested the square shape instead of the traditional pie slices because they are easier to stack for freezing.  I'm baking most of these for a family gathering this coming weekend, and there will not be enough time later in the week to do much baking.  So a short freeze, then a warm up in a hot oven Sunday should make them (almost) good as new.


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Oh I love scones!


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I'll bet the newly ground flour makes a nice difference.  The pictures are quite good, as I can  make out the beautiful texture. They must smell heavenly too.