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Assorted breads from TBBA

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Joe Fisher

Assorted breads from TBBA

The Bread Baker's Apprentice strikes again! First, we have Kaiser rolls. My wife was making sloppy Joes, so we needed something to put it on. Since I don't own a Kaiser cutter, I used the knotted dough method. It worked out really well!

These were unbelievable. Just like a Kaiser should be - thin, crisp crust, almost flaky. Tender inside.

Next came some Vienna bread pistoles. I couldn't resist cutting one open to have a second sloppy Joe :) These had a soft crust and a soft, spongy inside. Delicious!

After making those two, I still had about 12 ounces of pate fermentee left over. I decided to put together some French bread. As an experiment, I changed the hydration ratio from the 65% specified in the recipe to almost 100%.I used the stretch-and-fold method after the dough came out of the mixer, let it sit on the counter about an hour and a half, shaped it, and pulled out my couche. PHEW! It smelled like mildew! It had been slightly damp when it went away and developed mold :(

So I liberally floured a tea towel and put the shaped loaves on there, seam side up. When I went to roll the loaves onto my Superpeel later, all three had stuck to varying degrees. That's why they look a little deformed in the pictures.

That didn't stop them from being absolutely delicious! The crust was a little thin, but the crumb was outstanding. And the flavor, well, the picture speaks for itself.



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I love those pistoles.  I really liked the vienna bread from BBA too, I'll have to make that next baking day.  

 My kitchen is full of bread smells today too, it's a nice way to end a weekend :)