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Inspired by Shiao-Ping

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Inspired by Shiao-Ping

I was entirely inspired by Shiao-Pings recent blog entry entitled 'Sourdough Down Under'. The part that really grabbed my attention was the inclusion of Vegemite in the dough. As an English boy I have a love affair with vegemite's cousin from the northern hemisphere: marmite.

I have often spread marmite lovingly across my yeasty creations, yet had never considered incorporating it into a dough!

Long story short I simply added  it into my favourite sourdough recipe (pain au levain from "Bread"). I removed 40g of water and replaced with marmite. The result was fantastic. I can honestly say that this is the best my apartment has ever smelled! The taste of marmite is present throughout the bread, but particularly strong in the crust... so good!


thank you Shiao-Ping!!


happy baking









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Hi Benjamin,

did you cut down on salt? I love the way you shaped the first bread. Beautiful results!


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Thanks  Salome, you are very kind.

...actually no, cutting down on salt only occurred to me after I had made the dough... however, the flavor of the bread is not particularly salty, which I was relieved about! The dough took a little longer to proof, so the extra salt may have played a role in stunting the wild yeast... but i just proofed a little longer.

In the future I will definately cut the salt maybe just add 3/4?



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the shape of the first loaf and the crumb in the second loaf are stunning!  looks very tasty...

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thank you, it is pretty tasty... that is, if you like marmite?! Really good with scrambled eggs.


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albeit a tiny jar for $5.14. Should I or shouldn't I ?

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Anna, you only use a "mere smear" at a time so the jar will last you forever! I say go for it, A.

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I have no idea how your post landed on my email box this morning, but thanks  so much for letting us know about your Marmite Pain au Levain!!  My children said your sourdough look fantastic (so do I)!  You didn't cut down the salt... hmmm....  I believe that also contributed to the "good" taste in your bread (if longer proofing was all it takes, I would go with that next time when I do mine).   What a great loaf! 

It's 7:30 am here in Brisbane.  Have a lovely day (when your day starts in 7 or 8 hours time)!