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Does anyone have an herbed ciabatta formula?

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Does anyone have an herbed ciabatta formula?

I've been making Reinhart's poolish ciabatta and love it. I've been asked to make an herbed bread and so would like to make an herbed version of this ciabtatta formula. Does anyone know how I might add herbs to this formula, which makes two to three loaves (I make two out of it). I don't want to overpower the bread, nor do I want to be "underwhelming."  I want to use fresh herbs, not dried.  This bread will accompany a lasagna meal.  Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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I often use thyme, rosemary or basil in my ciabatta.  I use about a tablespoon of dry herbs, except for the rosemary which I process fresh, so you might want to double that when using fresh.  I simply add it after the first fermentation period and it blends in quite well in the process of folding the dough before proofing.