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can i conserve unused starter for the next day?

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can i conserve unused starter for the next day?


i usually have large amounts of starter after the 20hrs it takes to prep. basically, i my starter is stored in the fridge, take some out, feed it, rest for 12 hrs, feed again, rest for 8 hrs, => ready to start making dough. since sometimes i may used only a small portion of the fully prepped starter, is there anything i can do to the ready prepped starter so i can use it the next day? could i just mix a new batch of sourdough and then refridgerate that, remove it from the fridge the following day, and let it rise?


thanks all!

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Sure, that'll work.  I did that yesterday and today I'm baking bread.  In fact, with an overnight fermentation period in the fridge, my new batch of dough doubled in size by the time I took it out this morning.  I had 200 grams of 100% hyd. starter to which I added 100 grams of flour and 50 grams of water, mixed and let it stand at room temp. for about four hours, then popped it into the fridge.  It was so beautiful this morning I hated to degass it.


Taken from the fridge this morning; added 150 grams flour and 60 grams of water along with 9 grams of salt.  Kneaded (stand mixer) just over 10 minutes until passed window pane test and set aside in oiled bowl to double.  Took about four hours to double.  Dumped it into a preheated (475 deg.) Lodge cast iron dutch oven, covered, baked at 475 for about 10 minutes then reduced to 425 degrees for additional 20 minutes; internal temp. 210.  Managed to save some for breakfast but most of it was devoured at dinner tonight.