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Doughnut help...Please

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Doughnut help...Please


 You're all so helpful and knowledgeable and I need your help.  

Can you please tell me how to prepare doughnut batter/dough in advance so that I can fry it off as needed.   I'm a caterer and thinking about doing fresh, hot doughnuts for a party. If you do cake doughnuts can the batter be chilled and then piped as needed?

If I'm using a yeast-risen dough how do I have it ready when I need it at different times during the party?  I've been to restaurant that make doughnuts per order and I'd like to know how that's done.

 I truly appreciate your help. I hope I've made my question clear..  



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I have no catering experience beyond bringing/providing all manor of foodstuffs to large family gatherings.Many times, I bring the ingrediients and assemble them on site, since I usually drive a distance to family affairs.

If it is baking powder,drop doughnuts,you could ziploc the dry ingredients and bring the liquids along (pre-measured,even) and mix on site. It probably depends on how big a crowd you are catering to.Heck, funnel cakes and batter donuts are made on carts at local fairs.It should be do-able.

Anything cut out (such as with a cookie cutter),risen,proofed or hand shaped may be too labor intensive to bring to a site, unless there was a large professional kitchen available. They would best be made in your facility the day of or night before an event.

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I made Alton Browns ( yeast doughnuts, they turn out awesome!  I made the dough the night before and put it straight in the frig.  The next morning I rolled it out and cut it with a pizza wheel into logs.  Let them rest for 30 min. and fried away!  Totally awesome!  His glazes were super good too!  I used the uneaven parts that I cut off and rolled them into small doughnut holes.  Everybody liked them.

I don't know how you would do this some where else, but the dough can be put in the frig. over night and it works great in the morning, or whenever you need to use it.