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Dump it or use it?

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Dump it or use it?

I had every good intention of making SD english muffins this weekend.  The formula I'm using is Wildyeast's here, which calls for a preferment.  I made up the preferment Saturday night and it was nicely bubbly and risen in the morning.

But I never got around to making it.  I had to run what I thought was a quick errand after breakfast which turned into a long errand.  When I came home around 2 p.m. the preferment still looked and smelled good, but I needed to do other things, so I tossed it in the fridge, intending to proceed within a few hours.  

It was miserably hot yesterday, and I never got around to it.  It sits in the fridge still and I must work today, meaning tonight will be the soonest possible time to use it.  That's a full 48 hours for a preferment meant to be used within 8 to 12 hours.  

is it a lost cause, or worth a try if it still looks and smells OK this evening?  

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It's probably got life in it, but saving it would likely be as much work (and ingredients) as making a new preferment.

David G