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Curry Rustic Bread

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Curry Rustic Bread

My son had put in his order for Indian food this weekend.  We have Indian food at home every now and then.  My kids' favourite combo is Tandoori chicken (marinated in yogurt, lemon and the usual tandoori spices the night before), Indian-style fried rice with cashew nuts and sultanas, poppadom, and mango chutney.  As it's only my son and myself for supper I didn't feel like cooking a big pot of rice - why not putting all the ingredients for the Indian rice into a bread?  A curry bread?  This is not a new idea.  I used James MacGuire's baguette formula and added a few more ingredients.   

My alternate Indian dinner menu looks like this:  

  • Warm green salad with Tandoori chicken;
  • Baguette with mild curry spices, cashew nuts, and mixed dried fruits; and
  • mango chutney.  

When the dough is done fermenting, I simply divided it into three pieces without shaping.  

My formula  

  • 400 g white bread flour
  • 10 g  Hoyts mild curry powder
  • 60 g cashew nuts
  • 60 g mixed dried fruits
  • 275 g water
  • 25 g olive oil
  • 20 g honey (to counter balance the bitterness from curry powder)
  • 8 g salt
  • 1/2 tsp instant dry yeast  



   The supper    


                                                  curry rustic bread                                       



   My grilled tandoori chicken turned out to be more like just simple curried chicken.                                            


                                                         open sanger            


                  curry bread with butter and mango chutney    





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You have put together a creative feast ... a little flour and water and off you go ... a  meal that deserves a magazine spread ... and your son strikes it lucky again!

Simply Wonderful.


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Shiao-Ping, you're really quite amazing...  I'm always fascinated to read your posts and you always have such lovely photos too.  Were you happy with the taste of the bread or would you adjust any of the ingredients on a re-bake?  I might have to try this in the next week or two as we love Indian food too.  For awhile our local grocery store carried "Spicy Curry" chips (Lays brand). They were positively addictive, but alas, now unavailable in my neck of the woods.  


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Hi Karen

It is good as it is (on day one), just enough kick from the curry and not over powering.  I suspect on the second day it may taste a bit dry because it is a yeasted bread.  To improve on this, there may be two ways; the first is to increase the oil to 8 - 10% of flour (and cut down on water accordingly); the second is to introduce a "soupy dough" as in my Celtic Sourdough or Barm Bread. I would favour the second option.   A sourdough version will also improve the keeping quality.  

If you like a more spicy curry taste, you might want to substitute half of the curry powder with Hoyts hot curry powder.

Thanks for reading my posts.

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Really neat.  I love curry and will have to try this.  I have read most of your posts and you are so creative!