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Attention, once and future writers

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Attention, once and future writers

Please, if you write a cookbook, do not give two completely different recipes similar names!

This morning, I stirred up poolish for "Pain Rustique," p. 111 of Hamelman's. Tonight, I finished mixing "Rustic Bread," p. 115.


The difference in the two recipes is huge, and I ended up with a soupy mess. I think I managed to salvage it, but not before a few choice words. 

Of course, I realize that it is entirely my mistake. If I had been paying close attention, I would have noticed that the amount of water called for by the second recipe was almost equal to the total weight of flour. "Pain Rustique" might be a wet dough, but not THAT wet! 

Lesson learned: pay attention to the details!


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That sooooo sounds like something I would do.  It always makes me feel better when other people do things like that as well.  Let us know how the mess turns out.

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Buy a bookmark?  Heh heh.  Glad to hear that you were able to salvage it.  At worst though, flour is pretty cheap, so no great loss other than some time and deflated expectations.  I'm used to that.



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I think I did the same thing last weekend. I was making 'rustic bread" and when I put together the final dough I had a soupy mess also, started adding flour wondering what I did wrong. Tonight I opened the book and it was at 'pain rusique' I bet I did the same thing.

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I know EXACTLY how you feel!!! I reached in the freezer (where I keep my special spices) to grab the ground GINGER and without looking at the label, I put a tsp. of CUMIN in my sweet bread recipe!! There was NO way to salvage it......FORTUNATELY as tananabrian said, Flour (and oatmeal) are cheap!!