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Giving Away Freshly Baked Bread

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Giving Away Freshly Baked Bread

Giving away bread...or spreadin' the love, 1 loaf at a time.

I built a wood fired oven in the backyard last summer and quickly discovered I could bake more bread than I could eat! This was especially true after buying a used 20 qt. Hobart mixer.

So what to do?

Give it away!

I set a goal to give away 1000 loaves of bread this year and as of this writing, 7/21/09 I'm on track with over 600 loaves given.

A few days ago a firetruck pulled up investigating a complaint of smoke. So I showed them the oven and they said, "Cool!"

Wow, this gave me a great idea - to visit all the fire stations with a delivery of freshly baked bread! In fact I just came back from delivering to the 2nd station near my house. You can bet the firemen loved it and they are chowing down right now on a few of the 15 loaves of football shaped 2 pound "half whole wheat" loaves I just delivered.

If you have a story of giving away bread let's hear it...and I'll keep you posted on my goal of giving away 1000 loaves in 2009.

Jay Kaiser, Seattle

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making people happy is cool. i give to my neighbors and sisters family. lucky firefighers,now the police and city hall . Patrick from Modesto

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...but I'd sure like to hear your progress. I think your project is great, especially giving bread to the fire stations. I suspect a lot of other readers might want to know to. Any photos of your oven, and bread?

Oops! I just remembered. I gave 300 assorted muffins to a soup kitchen; but that was a long time ago. Now my extras go to neighbors and friends.

David G

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Wow, a delivery of 15 loaves!  I'm impressed...makes me wonder if I really want that WFO that I'm dreaming about. (And yes, I'd like to see a photo of your operation too!)  In the mean time, I have taken to making two loaves of SD almost every day, so I have a loaf or two to give away daily.  I'm now getting requests...and yesterday when my hubby went to drop off a loaf (upon request) for the mechanic he also took along a cutting board.  We had just had butcher block installed for countertopping, and the extra length was made into cutting boards.  Felt pretty good to see that going out the door.  There truly is more happiness in giving than in receiving.

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sheffield (not verified)

Did you use a recipe that's posted on this site?

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they look great!

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I thinkwhat you are doing is just great. What a wonderful plade to bring the loaves. My out put is very small and not nearly as good as the loaves I see on this web site. I do send loaves with my daughterwho takes them to the nursed at Childrens Hospitalof Philadelphia Clinic. They seem to be very appreciative and even say thay the like it. That's some kind of reward to my spirits.

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and his bread mission! Great idea and I know you are reaping your own reward. In my book, nothing feels better than making others happy. I know you'll make your goal of 1000, and I bet you'll keep on going.


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Impressive!  We don't have means for big projects like that.  I use my humble oven to make enough for ourselves and sometimes for the elderly and the sick.  I am well known in the neighborhood as the lady who feeds hungry kids.  It's not unusual to have kids ring my doorbells and ask if I have something to eat.  That's why I always have bread, muffins, cookies etc at home.

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Thanks everyone who posted such supportive comments about my project of giving away 1000 loaves of bread in 2009.

I've been very fortunate and the bread I give away is just kind of a fun thing to do. I always get the most amazing reaction when I give the bread. But basically I love to bake bread and this gives me the excuse to bake.

Next week I'll send in some pictures and the recipe I'm using which I made up. I've been using flour from the Fairhaven Organic Flour Mill in Bellingham Washington. I think good fresh flour really makes a taste difference. Check them out

Thanks again to all of you who read my story and gave such good vibes in your comments. I especially loved the story from the lady who tells of the neighborhood kids who knock on the door and ask for food. You are amazing!

Jay Kaiser, Seattle

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Good for you, and I'm sure they appreciate it greatly.  It's great to see people give of themselves.

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Thanks for your request for the recipe (above).  I hate to co-opt this thread, so I'll start a new thread.

Terri   (Glass-Weaver)

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Debra Wink

Since you are making it your mission to give bread away, this site might be of interest to you:

Click here: Bakers on Wheels: A Bread Ministry

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I gave a loaf to a contractor.  He sent email that his wife loved it and what could he do to get more, regularly.  We're discussing window trim...