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Discovered "weak" flour

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Discovered "weak" flour

After changing my bakers' flour brand I was dissapointed with my ciabatta.  My previous flour had made great ciabatta with a holey, chewy crumb, but the new brand made a soft, less holey crumb.  Still nice bread, but more suited to sandwiches than what I had come to expect with my regular ciabatta.


So I decided that this new flour must contain less gluten and needed some "help" so I tried a batch today and subbed in some gluten flour and what a difference !    I could see the difference within 7 minutes of high speed mixing, it was already starting to climb the paddle.

Satisifed I had discovered the difference between strong and (no so strong) flour I am confident this batch will bake well and give the crumb I am looking for once again.


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You say "subbed in some gluten flour"; did you mean high-gluten flour, or perhaps vital wheat gluten?