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Pie Tins and Boxes and more

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Pie Tins and Boxes and more

Where can I find them for a good price?  I need 9" pie tins, regular depth and 10" brown pie boxes with or without a window.

We also need brown cupcake boxes, brown flat boxes to fit a dozen strawberries and brown shredded paper for the strawberry boxes.

We've just opened our business and are currently buying our packaging from our local grocery store but would like to purchase our supplies in bulk.  We want to use all brown/recycled packaging.

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Try this site:

I buy my paper bread bags from them.


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I use 2 sources: for good prices on stardard size cake, candy, etc. boxes and inserts I go to  I've never seen a place that can top their prices.  For tins and such I usually go to a restaurant supply store.  Just google "restaurant supply" and you should find plenty of places where you can buy for cheap.  Try finding one in your city so you can check out the goods in person before you buy.  Once you go restaurant supply, you never go back. :)