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German Rock Raisin Cookie Recipe

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German Rock Raisin Cookie Recipe

Does anyone have a recipe they would share for traditional German cookies called rock raisin cookies? The back story is that I met a man at a party who mentioned that when he was a little boy he and his grandfather used to make them. (I thought it might be fun to try and re-create them.) He remembered a few things that might help.

  • They were giant cookies (as "big as boulders")
  • Had a mix of black and yellow raisins in them
  • Were similar to a simple butter-based cookies (ie, Lemon Sugar Cookies from America's Test Kitchen) that I made for the party, which had lemon zest in the dough and on the outside (they were rolled in sugar/lemon zest)

I've found a few recipes for rock raisin cookies online but trust that someone in the group has made something authentic, tried, tested, and true (and something not made with lard). Any ideas?

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Your description is pretty close to the RockCakes I saw discussed on another forum.

They may not be precisely the same but I bet you could redefine the Rock Cake recipe(s) to get what you're looking for.

"As big as boulders" may be a childhood memory gone wild.  ;-}

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Dear flournwater, thanks for the links. I appreciate it.