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Baker's Internship Update!

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Baker's Internship Update!

Well, last week we finished up one week of hard work together for the first baker's internship of the summer.  Fellow Fresh Loaf member Thomas flew out here to Montana from Chicago to help me prepare for 3 main events last week.  We had two separate farmers' markets to prepare for and sell at, and one night event where we furnished enough appetizers for approximately 150 people at an artist's gallery opening. 
Picture descriptions clockwise from top left:
1 - Thomas tightening up a boule of 18 pounds of dough after 'stretch and fold #2'
2-  Working on mini roll-up appetizers made with croissant dough, black forest ham, and swiss cheese
3-  Getting ready for a farmer's market
4-  214 mini palmiers, 275 mini ham and cheese croissants, and 175 spinach and artichoke croissant diamonds

Thanks Thomas for all of the hard work and for being willing to do everything from shaping and mixing to egg washing and cooking too.  I hope your expectations were fulfilled and in addition you had an enjoyable time.  You're welcome to visit again next time you feel like some more baking in beautiful Northwest Montana.


PS  As mentioned in my original internship post, I'll be looking for more volunteers later in the year as my wife and helper gets ready for her next school year (September), so if you're interested, please email me!



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I am the individual treated by Mark to a weeklong baking experience in his mountain retreat BackHomeBakery. I gained a lot of insight in the operation of a home bakery, new baking skills and new friends, Mark and Hoku (his dog). Even though we worked very long hours I enjoyed my stay a lot and can only recommend this opportunity.

I'm now 100% sure, when retired, I will run together with my wife a campground in the Rocky Mountains, next to a fly-fishing river and on this campground I will open my own little sophisticated bakery with baguettes, croissants, bear claws .............. all à la méthode St.Clair.


And here the new results at home:



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I can't imagine a better way to gain insight in what to expect in a baking career. Your table looks most inviting and the labors of your work experience look just as tasty.

Great idea Mark. Win-win, that's cool.


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but the first thing I thought of when I looked at those pictures is, "Do all of you commercial bakers have bad backs?"  I work in pain management, and if you don't now, you may in the future.....ouch!  Bending over all day like that can't be comfortable!

Glad this worked out so well for both of you!

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Hey Photojess

Thanks for your concerns about our backs.

I'm 6'5" tall and the table was not set up for that height. It was comfortable though for Mark.

For just one week this setup was more than ok, but for longer or in my own bakery I definitely would have to set the table much higher.


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glad it wasn't for too long for you!