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Updates: Traveling with fresh baked goods?

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Updates: Traveling with fresh baked goods?

Just wanted to update and thank everyone for the thoughtful and helpful responses! I baked these up and let them cool for a few minutes (upside down and out of the pan on a flat sheet pan), then placed back into the original pan and covered with pricked foil. I drove them over and my dad was surprised! He loved them. Thanks again everyone:) Here are a couple of photos of my first attempt at sticky buns!




Is there a way to surprise my dad this weekend with fresh out the oven sticky buns? He lives about 20-25 mins. away from me. Any advise on how to store them on the car ride over so that they aren't soggy, yet still kinda warm?

How do you travel with fresh from the oven baked goods? Is there a special container I should buy?

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Dump them out onto parchment lined foil, put them in some type of shallow box, and drive fast.


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Okay, thanks Pamela! lol at "drive fast". So true:)

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I have a small baking stone that fits into a serving basket. It is designed to heat in the oven while rolls (or other goodies) bake. Then I put it in the basket, put a cloth over it and put in the rolls, covered with another cloth.
I have traveled as far as an hour away and had my baked goods arrive still hot and not at all sweaty.

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try this make them brown and serve.

proof them a little less than normal bake them ad 275 to 300 till they are just done and very light in color.

when you get where your going finish them at 350-375 till brown and there you go. if you use the pre-formed disposable pans there will be nothing to wash or take home.

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When I needd to take something warm somewhere such as a potluck, I put a towel in the bottom of an ice chest then put in the casserole or whatever it is that I am taking. If it is a covered item and there is till a lot of space left in the ice chest I put in more towels or have used crumbled newspaper, just to fill up the space. It usually always keeps the food warm.

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Mini Oven

and make a thermos of hot coffee or tea while the rolls are baking.  That way after the smell drives you crazy, you won't have to wait for the coffee to drip.


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Take them along 1/2 proofed and bake them there, they can also enjoy the magic of seeing them going in to the oven and coming out as well as the aromas.It will add another rung to your cleverness factor.
Failing that if the buns are slipped on to a wire rack, it will take a good 20 minutes for them to cool enough to eat at theit absolute best anyway,