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Professional Artisan Bread Class

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Professional Artisan Bread Class

I am looking to open a bread bakery and would like some quick formal training to supplement my amateur experience. So far, the only option I can find is through King Arthur Flour.  (any reviews on their class?) Thank you!  


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I googled

bakery operations classes

and got a number of hits that looked promising. Most community colleges also offer classes in "food service operations" or something similar; you could combine that with some additional classes in bookkeeping, accounting, and business strategy and be in a position to figure out your plan of action.


What is your concern about the King Arthur classes? I would think that their course on running a bakery would be the best place to start if your goal is a small artisan bread bakery.



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The Culinary Institute of America, both in Hyde Park, NY, and in California, have artisan bread classes.  There is one at the CIA that is a week long.  Cost is $900 not including room and board.


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I've never attended a KAF class, though I dearly want to. However, the professional baking courses are usually taught by none other than Jeffrey Hammelman, author of Bread, one of the best books on baking I've ever read.

I've heard from many folks that these classes are excellent. Especially if Hammelman is teaching, I'd say KAF would be a good place to start.

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I have no problems with King Arthur's classes.  In fact, I am leaning towards them.  The reason for the post was to look at all of my options, though I am quite excited about the King Arthur classes.

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If you have the "dough," SFBI (San Fransisco Baking Institute) is the only school in the country devoted to artisan bread baking.  I'm taking a course there this fall.  They have about 12 week-long classes.  You can take each one separately or take them all for a certificate.