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Freezing and Flavor

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Freezing and Flavor

Just curious to know what others have experienced with the flavor of sourdough breads before and after freezing.  I pulled a loaf out of the freezer last evening after it had been there for a few weeks.  I had a nibble as I was making a sandwich this morning and I noticed that the flavor of this loaf seemed to be more sour than that of the other loaf from the same batch that was eaten within a couple of days of baking.  It could be just the vagaries of memory but my first impression is that both the flavor and the aroma are more intense than they were.  Conducting side by side comparison taste tests is obviously out of the question.  Has anyone else noticed anything similar with their breads?


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Yes I have the similar experienced with my sourdough loaves too. The sourness of it intensified when I kept them in  the refrigerator. Sometimes I wondered if they have gone bad. Maybe somebody have an explanation for that?