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Overnight Ciabatta

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Overnight Ciabatta

This is my 1st attempt at Overnight Ciabatta:

Ciabatta Proofing

Ciabatta Ready for Baking

Ciabatta Baking

Ciabatta Crumb

Ciabatta Served


I used a large half sheet non stick jelly roll pan as the baking vessel.  I placed a silicone Silpat mat that fits the pan in the pan.  My Ciabattas were rising in a cloche.  When they had risen I used a dusted board to transfer them carefully to the Silpat mat. I chose this manner of baking because I have a small oven and I wanted to bake all 3 Ciabattas at the same time on the same rack in the oven.  I placed a baking stone in the oven and heated it to 500ºF along with a tray of water in bottom of the oven.  I added more water when I placed Ciabatta in the oven.  I removed the water tray after 8 minutes.  I rotated the bread halfway through baking process since the back of the oven is the hottest zone and I wanted more even baking.

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First attempt Bixmeister, you did well!  If you can work up to a wetter dough you will get some nice big holes in your ciabatta.  Also ciabatta loves to hit that hot stone...if you can get it onto the stone with just some parchment paper between it and the'll see some very nice oven spring...these are just some suggestions and I hope you find them helpfull.  I love ciabatta!