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Info on French Bread

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Info on French Bread

Please Help....

I have been trying french bread baking with a sourdough starter and they have turned out pretty good.

The problem is that I have trouble keeping the crust crispy from one day to the next.

 What is the best way to store this type of bread?

How long does this type of bread crust stay crispy? 


Sweet Bites

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Store it in a paper bag and eat it within 2 days.  If you store it in anything more sealed than that, the moisture will redistribute and soften the crust.  You can try reducing the heat after the initial oven spring and crusting, then bake longer at a lower temperature to let more moisture escape, but I think that's swimming upstream a bit.  If you store it longer than a couple of days, then it'll start drying out.  This type of bread was baked daily for daily consumption as far as I know.