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Whole wheat bread recipe from the distant past

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Whole wheat bread recipe from the distant past

Something like 20 years ago, I found a recipe for whole wheat bread on a flour bag, which produced the greatest WW bread I've every attempted. It was amazingly flavorful and had a perfect texture -- not too heavy, not too soft, just the right bite, crunch and texture. Of course, I lost the recipe (I was young and feckless, sue me), and have never found it anywhere else -- despite reading the back of every whole wheat flour bag I see. Might any of you dedicated bread junkies recognize it?

Here are the distinguishing characteristics that I can recall: In addition to stone-ground whole wheat, the ingredients included some white flour, some rye flour and orange zest (and maybe some orange juice). It also had something sweet -- could be molasses, could be honey, but not sugar. I do know that did not call for starter or pre-ferment, though the proofing/rising cycle may have been a little different than for regular white bread.

Any suggestions, leads, hints or pointers would be greatly appreciated.