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anis bouabsa video on youtube

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anis bouabsa video on youtube

hi maybe this has already been previously mentioned but i just found a video on youtube about anis bouabsa (won best baguettes). it's long, over 6 mins, but seems very informative and show's him demonstrating his technique, flour, dough consistency, etc inside his bakery . im not describing this properly only because it was in french. so i don't really know what everyone's saying but just seeing it helps so much.

it would be really great though if someone could translate, subtitles etc. does anyone know anything about this? i was really excited it showed a mum making it in her home with her two kids and showed her at the bakery with anis while he demonstrated how to make the baguettes. worth seeing. let me know what you all think.

(i did a google search and came across it. the title of the video though is e=m6 - pains maison (search

(sorry im not sure how im supposed to create a link)


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Here's the link
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I like the shaping part at 4:30. It is quick, but you can easily see what he is doing.

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Thanks for posting. It really shows a velvet hand shaping. --Pamela

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thanks everyone ive got some anis baguette dough in the fridge im about to go make them now. my first try hope i get the shaping right i learnt a new trick with the scoring from a previous post though ive yet to try it. i did notice, though, thats how anis does it and other french bakers. (back handed)