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Is this a record?

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Is this a record?

9 days-capture to loaf!

Thursday :

    I brought a small container of flour/water (25 g flour/equal g water) to my basement office to capture the local yeast, after reading how people order sourdough culture from all over the world.


By Friday afternoon it was bubbling


By Monday it was really active.

I took it home,started discarded half/ feeding it twice a day for the next few days.


By Wednesday it was easily doubling itself so Wed night I started feeeding it (no discard) so I had enough to use for a Saturday bake.


I baked an absolutely ideal,perfect loaf of French, sourdough bread using just a basic recipe. I don't have a camera but it had perfect crust,perfect crumb, it "sang" coming out of the oven and was San Fran sour! WOW!

So-9 days capture to perfect finish. I even impressed myself! I am making another loaf today and hope it turns out the same.

If this had been my first experience with sourdough I would have wondered what all the hoopla is about with all the posts on how to do a good sourdough. Having baked many bricks, I am really appreciative of the wonderful outcome of this project and all the knowledge this forum has provided.