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Onion Rye

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Onion Rye

This is a very full flavor loaf that is well worth the effort. The basic recipe is the Eric's Fav Rye link. This onion rye has 1/4 cup of re hydrated onions and the water used to rehydrate them. The smell coming out of the oven will make you a believer. Then I brushed the top of the loaf with egg wash and topped with my "Everything" seed mix for bagels plus a little kosher salt. I hope you try this bread.

The crumb is moist and chewy. The smell of onions and taste of the seeds is a very savory experience. It is better than any bagel I have made and is begging for smoked meats.


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And I can smell them all the way across the country, Eric.  Mmmmmmm.  Thanks for reminding me.


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it was that loaf screams! That one goes on the to do list.