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Zopfmehl - Zopf flour

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Zopfmehl - Zopf flour

I am looking for a US supplier that sells Zopfmehl, a flour used specifically for the Swiss Sunday bread named Zopf.  On one site I found it is 90% white wheat with 10% white spelt.  King Arthur suggested a mix of 15% bread flour and 85% all-purpose.  Rather than either of those options, I'd like to find the real thing somewhere here in the States.



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From my experience with exception of 00 pizza flour it is next to impossible to find European flours here.  I tried in vain to find a bag of T1150 some time ago and had to conclude that this sort of thing is just not imported.

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I did find a few remarks on this same website, enter "zopf" in the search box.

Since I don't live in the US I can't really help you. In Holland there is no Zopfmehl, I just use the best alternative. We frequently go to the Alps to get the real thing.

Let me know if you need help making Zopf. my daughter is an expect.




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I just made my second Zopf ever, and after reading this message, I decided to mix in some spelt and white whole wheat.   The first time I made it I used 100% AP flour.  This time I used 80% AP, 10% spelt, and 10% white whole wheat.   Since I'm not an expert Zopf maker, I can't speak with much authority, but it came out with a lot of flavor.