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This is the kind of crumb that I LOVE.

I am not a fan of those big holes in the bread, after all, you can not eat holes ;)

I of course understand that taste differs.

Have a lovely Sunday and HAPPY BAKING.

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I have changed 50g of my 100% hydration Starter to a 100% hydration Rye Starter and us it for baking now.

I am over the Moon with the results and the taste.

Right now my hands are better so I can do french kneading * over the moon with that too *


Here is the crumb shot.

The formula for this bread is simple and yet so tasty.


1tbsp 100% hydration Rye Starter

45g bread flour

  5g whole wheat flour

50g water



All of the Leaven

450g bread flour

  50g whole wheat flour

350g water

  10g Salt


Mix Leaven and all but the Salt together.

Autolyse for 1 hour.

Add the Salt and french knead for 10 minutes.

Form a boule and put it in an oiled bowl and let it bulk ferment for 12-15 hours at room temperature.

Pre shape a boule and bench rest for 5 minutes.

Shape a boule and make sure the skin is nice and taught.

Add the boule in to a floured banneton and let it proof for 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Preheat Oven with a dutch oven in it.

Turn out your dough baking paper and score the dough.

Add it WITH the baking paper in to the dutch oven.

Bake a 250 C for 30 minutes with the Lid on.

Turn down the heat to 200 C, take the lid of the dutch oven and bake for a further 20 minutes.

Let it cool for AT LEAST 2 hours before cutting.


Have fun baking:)


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I wrote this yesterday here at TFL.

 Here are the pictures of how the bread/s turned out.

This time I used my Oven to bake 2 loafs as the new Oven fits 2 Dutch Ovens.

I made one batard and one boule but from the same batch of dough.

Used top and bottom heat  250C for 40 minutes with the lids on the Dutch Ovens, then turned down the heat to 200C and switched to Fan for the next 25 minutes without lids on the Dutch Ovens.

I like the look of the quite dark on the crust and the crumb turned out nice too * I was afraid it might be dense due to working in that amount of flour and kneading it more than I would have if I had done french kneading.

All is good:)

Boule is in the freezer, batard wont last the day I think.




430g mature 100% hydration Starter made of 50/50 strong bread flour and Whole wheat flour.

600g of strong bread flour - plus exra flour to add during kneading until dough is smooth and not sticky. 

200g of whole wheat flour

200g of Rye flour

800g of tepid water

    2tbsp Sunflower Oil

    2tbsp Caraway Seed

  40g of Salt

I only let it bulk ferment until it was tripled in vollume, it only took about 3 hours.

I shaped and then final proof for about 2 -2.5 hours.

Could we call this * Quick Bread * lol 





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This one just came out of the Oven so I could not yet make a crumb shot. 

This one is made with a malted Brown wholemeal flour, I shall go downstairs in a minute when the hubby finished to carry his Office furniture upstairs.

No Caraway seeds , I forgot * hangs head in shame *





350g mature 50% starter

400g wheat flour

300g malted brown wholemeal flour

550g cold filtered Water * I just noticed today that we know have a filter thingy under the sink *

  25g salt

   1tbsp Sunflower oil


1. Mixed the flours and the Water and Autolyse for 2 hours * I was baking a caramel, apple and pecan pie and forgot the time * normally only 1 hour.

2. Added Salt , mixed well and did french Kneading until dough was smooth and elastic.

3. Bulk fermenting in the fridge for 12 hours.

4. Shaped when dough came out of the fridge  by gently deflating before shaping.* made the shaping easier with the cold dough * and put in round banneton which was well floured with corn flour.

5. Final proof for 2.5 hours at room temp.

6. Tipped dough carefully on parchment paper that was sprinkled with semolina.

7. Scored dough.

8. Put Dough with the parchment Paper in a very hot dutch oven and put the very hot lid on.

9. Baked the bread for 40 minutes on 250C with the lid on and a further 20 minutes on 200C without the lid.


I baked this one with top and bottom heat and not fan as I had to with the old oven.

Even with the lid on in the dutch oven and later the lid off I get this nice small blisters on the crust, I never had that before.

The crust stays crisp for longer too.


Now I so badly want a slice with butter and brie and some green grapes. DROOLING


Here is the crumbshot * had to hurry before the loaf is gone! Why are my Sons are ALWAYS HUNGRY for Sourdough bread. grrrr *



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Well the move went well and the new Oven is a DELIGHT.

Here a picture of the new Oven

Just out of the Oven. * drooling *

Cooling down * waiting, waiting ... wahhhh *



Crumb * Kids stole the first slices pffft *



We have more of this bread with our Green Bean Soup * Like my Mama used to make *  

Just Butter on bread and a bowl of Soup and some Frankfurters, what can be better?


250g  mature 50% hydration Starter

625g Strong bread flour

 75g Whole Wheat flour

550g tepid Water

   1Tbsp Caraway Seeds

 25g Salt

   1tbsp Oil


Mix flour, Water and oil and Autolyse for 1 hour.

Add Salt.

French kneading in Sets of 5-6 and 5 minutes bench rest in between, did that for 6 times.

Bulk ferment for 12 hours at  room temperature.

Shape and put in banneton which I sprinkled with Corn flour. 

Proof for 2 - 2 1/2 hours 

Preheat your Dutch Oven to 250C.

Tip the dough gently on to a parchment paper that is sprinkled with Semolina and score.

Transport your dough with the parchment paper to your Dutch Oven and put  your dough WITH the parchment paper in to the Dutch Oven.

Bake with the Lid on at 250C for 30 Minutes.

Turn the heat to 200C and bake without the Lid for a further 20 Minutes.

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I fed the Starter at 9.55pm tonight for tomorrows baking and put a rubber band where it was when just fed.

I covered it with plastic wrap and poked 5 tiny holes in it.

Here you see * Gordon * grow:)

* I hope he wont try to get out of that Jar. eeeek *

I love working with Stiff Starters, feeding is less messy and maintaining so much easier.


And off topic, these are my 2 dogs Ben the yellow Labrador who is 9 years old and Eddie the red merle Border Collie who is 4 years old.

They just finished playing with fetch in the Garden.

The headless young Man is my oldes Son:)


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Now I made this one today, I started the preparations last Night so that I could bake it at lunchtime today.

This one did not rise as much as the * Rustic loaf * I made yesterday for 2 reasons.

A. I had less 50% hydration Starter * I did not plan well ahead , doh * 

B. The banneton was to big so it did spread more to the sides than it did go up. pffft

Lesson learned, next time I will bake Batards on a Baking Stone.


The Crumb is not very open, but I do like it when I have a bread with a lot of whole wheat and rye flour in it:)


150g mature 50% hydration Starter

300g Bread flour

250g Wholemeal flour

200g Rye flour

2tbsp Caraway seeds

2 tbsp Vegetable oil

500ml tepid Water

 25g coarse Salt


Mixed the 50% hydration Starter with the Water & Oil and added the flours.

Mixed all well until there was no dry flour.

Autolise for 50 Minutes.

Added the salt and incorporated it into the dough.

Did turn the dough every 30 minutes for 3 hours. * 6x *

* When  I say turn I do that in the bowl by grabbing one edge of the dough and fold it over the dough and go round the dough and do this , usually 6 tuns *

Between the turns I put the bowl with the dough in a large plastic bag.

Bulk fermentation over night.

Turned the dough out on my counter and shaped it in to a batard * finally know how to do it. yeahhh *

Put the batard upside down in a well floured banneton.

Covered the banneton with a well floured kitchen towel and then put the plastic bag over it.

Final proofing for 2 1/2 hours.

Preheated the Oven with the Dutch Oven in it.

Baked the bread for 40 minutes at 250C .

Reduced heat to 200C and baked the bread for a further 30 minutes with the lid off.




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I started it at 3am in the Morning * yes I know I am silly but if you suffer from Insomnia you need to do something, right? *


250g mature Stiff Starter * 50% hydration *

400g Bread flour

250g Whole wheat flour

 100g Rye flour

2tbsp Caraway Seeds * we like the taste so I used quite a bit *

500g tepid Water

2Tbsp Vegetable Oil

25g coarse Salt


I mixed the stiff Starter with the Water, added all the flours and caraway seeds and mixed it until well combined.

Autolised for 50 Minutes.

Added Salt, gave it a turn in the Bowl, covered the bowl and let it sit for 30 Minutes, gave the dough the turns again, let it sit for 30 Minutes..

I did those turns 6 times , every 30 minutes for 3 hours.

Between the turns I put the bowl in a  plastic bag.

Bulk fermentation for about 6 hours and final proof in banneton for 2 1/2 hours.

Oven was preheated to 250C with the Dutch Oven in it.

I baked the bread for 40 Minutes at 250C and a further 30 Minutes at 200C without the Lid.


I just prepared my Dinner as you can see in the last picture and there is NOTHING better than a slice of good bread with a simple Tomato on which I put Pepper , Salt and some light Soy Sauce:)

Since we are a family of 6 and we all love Sourdough bread and , well, bread... I have to start the next one tonight. 

There won't be much left by lunchtime tomorrow. lol












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I forgot to take my SD Starter out of the fridge for baking today, so I used Yeast instead.

Mind you, my kids love this Bread and it tastes fantastic if I say so myself.

The taste is malty and nutty at the same time.





500g strong bread flour

300g wholemeal flour

200g rye flour

  30g salt

  30g butter

     1tbsp dark soft brown sugar

     2tbsp dark treacle

     4tsp yeast

       mixed seeds

600g warm water 


First I mixed the flour with the sugar , salt , butter, yeast and mixed seeds together.

I added the dark treacle to the water, mixed it well and added it to the flour, mixed it well.

Dough kneading for 20 minutes * quite sticky dough so ended up adding about 2tbsp of wholemeal flour while kneading *

2 hours bulk fermentation, gentle degassing, halved the dough, shaped to batards and added them into 2 greased loaf pans.

Final proofing for 30 minutes.

Baked at 230C for 15 minutes , reduced the temperature to 200C and baked for 30 minutes.

Halfway through baking I turned the loaf pans to ensure even browning.

Here are the results.

* Sorry for the missing first slice, I just could not resist , my excuse is: we needed a crumb shot anyways hehehe 

This bread is great with sweet toppings or savoury toppings and cheese too. 

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I missed the taste of * Laugenbretzel * so much, I found them ONCE in UK, but that was a one off I guess.

Today I found a recipe on youtube and here is my result.


Well, they are not the prettiest Pretzel in the World but they are very Yummy.

Next time I try to substitute the yeast for Sourdough starter, it can only add to the flavour.


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