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Pretty much the same recipe as my first bake, except for rye instead of whole wheat and no honey. 

I'm never trusting non nonstick pans again, but it tastes great. 

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40g starter

40g AP flour

40g bread flour 

80g water


350g bread flour

122g AP flour 

340g water

9g salt

184g levain

25g honey


Mix levain and set in warm place for 6 hours

Mix flour and water 2 hours before levain is done

Mix everything 

Slap and fold (I gave up half way through so the gluten wasn't well developed) 

Set in oiled bowl and rest 30 min, then stretch and fold 

Repeat 30 min rest then stretch and fold, 3 more times

Bulk ferment 3 hours


Rest 15 min then shape and put in floured cloth lined bowl

Proof on counter (about 63F in my kitchen) until morning

Preheat oven at 450F 

Bake at 450F for 20 min with steam

Turn loaf, decrease temp to 425F and bake for 25 min

Turn loaf, bake for another 20 min

Remove from oven, let cool


This was much lighter than my first loaf, probably from the AP flour but also from the fact that I didn't proof it in the fridge. The taste is quite boring, not sour at all. This was most likey from speeding up the process; I'll try to not be impatient with my next bake.  

Next time I attempt a boule, I'm going to bring the hydration down to 65%( hydration in this recipe is about 72%) and try high hydrations again later. 

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