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This turned out pretty well for me.  Crumb was delicious and the toast it makes is lovely. I followed recipe to the letter using KA AP flour.  Will do baguettes with this recipe only will use KA French.  Hope pic of crumb loads.


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Newly registered, though I've been lurking long enough to bake the Rustic Loaf twice and David's iteration of Bouabsa's baguette 3 times all in about 3 weeks.  Each time is better w the baguette.... but I'm waiting for a lid to completely cover my loaves so the first 10 minutes of steam cannot escape. 

Seems like people aren't crazy about the Gosselin (a la Reinhart) recipe for baguette.  WOndering if I should try or just stick w the Bouabsa which everyone in my family loves (served 3 of them and the Rustic for the holidays).

Thanks for reading.



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