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Decided to make my first adventurous sourdough an Irish one and also wanted to bring porridge into it as i haven't tried that yet. So i settled with a strong cheddar + stout/oat soaker. I was thinking the stout soaker would be a good idea as the oats would soak up the stout/alcohol and wouldnt effect my bulk dough performance as much to try make the results a bit more predictable. 


My last 2 bakes have been Tartine country bread so i loosely based this recipe and process off that. 


Gathered my ingredients:


Decided with the crafty brewing company Irish stout over a predictable Guinness as its more malty and sweet. The cheddar is one we normally buy, nice and mature flavoured.

Water (26C) (inc leaven)600 grams55%
Stout250 grams23%
 Total liquid77%
Leaven (100% hydration)200 grams18%
Total Flour (inc oats & leaven)1,100 grams 100%
White Flour750 grams68%
Whole Wheat Flour50 grams5%
Whole Rye Flour50 grams5%
Oats150 grams14%
Salt22 grams2%
Cheddar 100 grams 




At 11:00 am

Gave starter second feed of the morning. 

Started autolyse by mixing all the flour (white/ ww / rye) with 500g of water. It was dryer/firmer as i withheld the stout for the soaker. 

Made soaker by mixing 150g oats and 250g stout... at 11am in the morning i was tempted to finish off the other half of the bottle!!



At 12:30 my starter was lovely and bubbly so i added 200g to the dough mix. I withheld the soaker and salt as i wanted to give the dough a head start - i was afraid of possible effects from the alcohol in the stout. 


At 13:00 i was ready for my first S&F so i added in the soaker, salt and cheddar. 

 The 100g of cheddar was just a guess amount and i cubed it rather then grate as i wanted it to be found through the bread rather then incorporated/lost. 


I S&F every half hour at room temperature 23C. 

It was 18:00 before i was ready to preshape - was amount 30% bigger and loads of bubbles.


During the S&F the cheddar kept breaking the surface but by the time i got to pre-shape the dough was elastic enough to hold it all in



Arounf 18:45 both loaves went into baskets and into the fridge for overnight proofing. 


9:00am next morning i heated oven to max which turns out to be about 230c on the thermometer. Baking stone on the bottom rack with a pyrex bowl preheating.


Baked at 250c for 20mins with bowl and a further 25mins uncovered, I also moved the rack up to middle of oven for last 25mins. 


After 20mins:

After baking it out:



The Cheddar can be found in its own pockets all over :)

Overall im delighted with this one, crust is really stouty/malt flavoured as that flavour was enhanced by the dark bake. Inside has a lovely cheddar flavour throughout. The crumb looks very irregular in the pics but i think the cheddar played its part in that.

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