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Recipe adapted from Brother Juniper's Bread Book.
My husband worked at the Br. Juniper's bakery in HS so we've eaten a lot of these things.

The basic idea is that taking a good filling and a good dough and bake them together, how can you go wrong? Think savory cinnamon roll, but use your imagination: you could use any dough and any number of fillings.

The bakery used to make a veggie version on a roasted pepper bread and a meat version on an herb bread. Here I've adapted the meat version to use up what we happened to have in the fridge (some extra Kabanosa, which I've seen called a "Polish Slim-Jim"). I think the bakery used to use some kind of salami. Sausage would be good too.

Anyway, on to the actual recipe:

Oreganato Bread

4 C flour
3/8 C polenta (course ground corn meal.. if you don't have it just use regular corn meal)
2 t granulated garlic or 2 T crushed fresh garlic (I used el cheapo garlic powder)
3 t dried parsley
2 t dried oregano
1 t black pepper (if you have a pepper mill, use it... it is way better when you get little nuggets of pepper every now and then)
1 T instant yeast
1 T salt
1 1/4 - 1 3/4 C water

Mix all the dry, add water and mix until you've got something you can knead, then knead it for approx. 10 minutes. Let it rise for 1 1/2 hours.

Roll it out flat and top with whatever you have. This time I used:

Chopped onion
Green olives
Cheese (chedder and mozarella, today. Swiss and jack previously)
Sausage bits

Other recommended toppings:
Roasted red peppers
Good sprouts (they used to use these big mung bean sprouts that were *so* good... nothing like those little alfalfa sprouts that are like getting pubes in your teeth)
Garlic (as long as you don't mind stinking)
Artichoke hearts

Roll it up and slice it into 1 inch thick slices. It'll spill, but no sweat: just dump anything that pours out on top. Let rise for 1 1/2 hours then bake for 1/2 an hour at 350.

You also don't need to slice it before baking it. For parties at the bakery they would roll one up and bake it whole, then just slice it off as people wanted some. It was quite impressive. I find that the little ones are much easier to deal w/ though.

Enjoy. Let me know if you try any other fillings.

These are great for throwing in the freezer and then you can take them to work with you for lunch! They thaw out by lunch, and then 30 seconds in the microwave and it's mmmm..mmmm goodness.

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I have a feeling Amy and I will be giving this one a test run next week, d.

it sounds like the kind of stuff the girls like here. :-)

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oooh I made these the other night and they were SO GOOD. I put in hot turkey sausage, a lot of cheese and broccoli. I think I overcooked them a little, and next time I need to cook them closer together, but they still turned out really good.

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I've found what I'm making for dinner tonight.


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Amy and I did make this Saturday afternoon. We used green, pimento-stuffed olives, black olives, onion, mozzarella, and Italian sausage. I added parmesan cheese into the dough, which is something I used to do making my pizzas. We also brushed about a tablespoon of olive oil over the dough before putting the toppings on it.

So here's the attempt to get photos into the post. If it works like LJ, we ought to be good.

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Thank you for posting your recipe and photos of those delcious looking Strombolini! For many years now I wanted to find a "Pizza Roll" recipe similar to those made by a bakery in Greensboro (now defunct I think). Your recipe looks as close as I'm ever going to find. I can't wait to try these!


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I am very fond of cooking. Especially the things made by baking are my favorites. The recpies shared in here seem to be very interesting. Will surely try to make some of them. Will look forward to more such interesting stuff.

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Mmmh, looks so delicous! I just need to bake it soon!

1 x umrühren bitte  -

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I saw this recipe mentioned in a recent thread requesting a "garlic cinnamon roll" type of thing.  Floyd referred to a recipe he thought would fit the bill--Stromboli.  Never heard of it.  Had to try it! 

For the filling, I used Italian sausage, artichoke hearts, onion, roasted red peppers, Romano, and lightly sauteed chopped garlic (about 7 cloves).

The dough was wonderful--I used the recipe straight up with the suggested fresh garlic rather than the alternative garlic powder.

The Stromboli turned out beautifully--fragrant and delicious.  My audience was quite pleased, especially since there was plenty to pack into tomorrow's lunch.

I think this would be a great thing to take to a pot-luck brunch.  It would be a welcome change to those ubiquitous, soggy, egg-breadcube-sausage baked things.

Thanks, Floyd.


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Melody, i'm about to try this recipe. Are you talking about making the one listed in this thread or in another thread. And, did you let them rise and bake them as a stromboli or did you cut them into the strombolinis?


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there's a restaurant in the salt lake valley that makes something similar: a stromboli. once the filling is set down, it is topped by more dough & baked. the Pie Pizzaria near the University of Utah makes the famous "Zappi." the zappi is the original, the stromboli is the copy. i still have dreams about a veggie zappie with a pitcher of beer. 

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Made two recipes of dough

1 – 8 ounce can tomato paste
1 large onion – caramelized
1 bell pepper – caramelized
1 – 8 ounce package mushrooms
Garlic salt
Italian Seasonings
Parmesan and Mozzarella cheese
oil to coat pan

Divide dough into 2 pieces and roll out like you are making cinnamon rolls.
Spread half of the tomato paste on each piece of the bread dough like you were spreading peanut butter on a sandwich and sprinkle it with garlic salt, Italian seasonings and Parmesan cheese, Mozzarella cheese, caramelized onions and bell peppers. I also cooked my mushrooms first. Rolled it up and baked it at 350° for 1 hour.

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I've had individual stromboli before and thought it good, but all of these variations look yummy!  Maybe if I'd known about the strombolini, I'd still be married... NOT!

I've got pesto to smear on the bread before any other decorating, and a vivid imagination.

The remark about the alfalfa sprouts put me ROFLMAO!


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I make a double layer Strombolini.

I divided the dough in two and roll them out, one piece a little larger than the other. Starting with the larger piece I spread out half the filling. I then lay the second, smaller piece on top of the first layer of filling, leaving a half inch boarder of filling exposed. I then spread the rest of the filling on top of the second layer of dough. I then roll up the double layers as usual.

With the double layering of the dough and filling the baked Strombolini has thicker layers of baked bread and an a more even distribution of filling.

I usually make a dough using 6 cups of flour and this makes a huge double layered Strombolini. I freeze half of the Strombolini and keep it in reserve for when I'm pressed at dinner time.

I use a verity of fillings, usually what's in the frig, but I always use roasted peppers. I grow and roast my own bell peppers. I freeze the roasted peppers in olive oil. I always put the roasted peppers on the rolled out dough first so the dough absorbs the pepper flavored oil. If there is a lot of oil with the roasted peppers I use a tablespoon or two in making the dough.

I make a breakfast Strombolini. I microwave egg substitute, like Egg Beaters, in a plastic wrapped covered bowl, about 2 to 3 minutes for 4 ounces of egg substitute. The egg substitute should be no more than a half inch deep. Then let the egg cool and crumble. Scrambled eggs would work great but microwaving the egg substitute is so quick and easy I don't bother.

I spread half of the salsa on the rolled dough, then the egg, cooked bacon and/or sausage and then shredded cheese. Repeat with the second layer of dough and the rest of the filling. This makes a great Sunday brunch. I make the dough the night before and retard it over night in the frig. I have to let the cold dough relax two or three times in order to roll it out thin enough.

My brother has asked me to make the breakfast Strombolini using Ricotta but I not tried it yet. I think I would drain the Ricotta first, using a coffee filter and a colander, or the filling would be too soggy to bake the dough through.

I just found the Fresh Loaf a few months ago. I've learned more from this site and your posts than all the books on bread making I've read.

Thank you for letting me join your community.



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I have the dough rising right now for this stromboli.  The only variation I made was to add some Pasolivo, my favorite California olive oil, to the dough.  The dough smells awesome.  Now I am off to the store to find some fillings.  I hope to post pictures when all is done.

I chose to do a traditional-style stromboli, using pepperoni, ricotta cheese, a deli mix of provolone, mozzarella and american cheeses, and hickory smoked ham, as pictured.

I also did a second batch, using figs, caramelized onions and bleu cheese blended with some ricotta.  I forgot to take a picture of these when I took them out of the oven.  I did alter the seasonings in the dough for these:  forgoing the basil, garlic and parsley for finely ground fennel seed.

The flavors of both of the stromboli were wonderful.  Two batches made 24 pieces that were the base for an informal gathering of friends and family.  There was nothing left to bring home at the end of the night.

I must note that I will be spending time with my family in the Outer Banks in August, and we will be having our 1st Annual Stromboli Cookoff.  Several members of the cookoff were present tonight, and have decided to give me the award ahead of time to avoid embarassment for everyone else : ).

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I might have to do a very simplified version of this for my boys. My aspie son loves cinnamon rolls and cheese pizza, this might be a way to add in some other things siowly, plus, what a great snack for kids! You could easily make these, divide them and freeze. They could take them out, thaw and put in the toaster oven to reheat. You could even make smaller, super mini rolls of a more bite size portion too... Hmm... wheels are turning! Thanks for posting about this. I love this site!