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Chocolate Babka (Sourdough, Parve?)

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Chocolate Babka (Sourdough, Parve?)

I just finished writing up the recipe on my blog.

You can find it here

I'm not sure if the recipe qualifies as Parve. If there's anybody who can give me a definitive answer, I'd be most appreciative.  




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All your ingredients as listed are parve.  The margerine is the biggie.  Some margerines say they are non-dairy, but government standards of non-dairy are looser than religious ones.  The product would need to be certified as parve.

The other strict detail is the equipment. A parve babka mixed and baked in dairy pans would be labeled as such.  Some certifiying agencies just lump them with dairy goods.

I keep kosher in the strictest sense, so you might find other answers.  I hope this helps you.


PS Your babka looks wonderful.  I also found a sourdough babka recipe I've been wanting to try.  This is inspiring.  Thanks.

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Thanks for that info Marni.  That was v. helpful - much appreciated.



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Wisecarver (not verified)

...Gosh that looks tasty. ;-)

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i love this , looks great i bet it taste good too 

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I've been looking for a sourdough babka recipe everywhere but can't seem to find one! I followed the link provided, but the blog has been discontinued and wasn't available. Does anyone have a recipe they would care to share?

Thank You!


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