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Pain Allemande aux Fruits

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Pain Allemande aux Fruits

This weekend's baking included Bernard Claytons Pain Allemande aux Fruits.  It's a marvelously fragrant bread, containing lemon zest, orange juice, anise seed, cinnamon, figs, raisins, apricots, prunes, almonds, hazelnuts, butter and other good things.  I made a double batch, since I tend to make a mess in the process of getting everything prepped.  Might as well have four loaves for my efforts as two, right?  Plus, I can give some for gifts and still have some for myself.  

It is delightful with just a smear of butter, or toasted.  For me, it has the appeal of fruit and spice, without the cloying flavor or overwhelming sweetness of most fruitcakes.

Here's the dough at the end of the bulk rise, just about to make a break for freedom:

Doubled, and then some

The fruit mixture: figs, apricots, raisins and prunes:

Frut mix


This shows the dough with the first one-third of the fruit, ready incorporation:

Dough and fruit

Fruit mixed in, dough shaped and panned:

The dough in the pans

Second rise complete and ready for the oven:

Ready for the oven

And the finished bread:

All done!


Oh, and I baked off Leader's pain de campagne that was begun last evening:

Leader's pain de campagne

Not a bad day in the kitchen!


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Beautiful Holiday Breads!  Very nice photos too!


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Those look great.

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Much to tender for teething!! Hope all is going well with the new addition.That looks like a great deal of fruit so I bet your house did smell amazing.



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Nice day's work

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Sylvia, Floyd, Eli and Gavin, thank you for your compliments.

It is a large amount of fruit, a total of 7 cups for the doubled batch, if I'm remembering correctly.  Plus, there's 2 cups of nuts already in the dough.  It's a challenge to get everything worked in without mashing things or having them erupt at odd locations.  As far as fragrance goes, I think it is the anise seed that puts it over the top.

The "new addition" is doing well.  Eating and sleeping seem to be her two favorite activities, so far.  Betcause of the nuts and the honey in this bread, she will have to wait for the Christmas 2009 edition before she gets an opportunity to sample any.  I'll have to look up recipes for teething biscuits.  That's probably 3-4 months off, so there should be time to locate something.