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Adding more sugar to a sweet bread

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Adding more sugar to a sweet bread

I make a sweet bread for Christmas that is stuffed and shaped into a candy cane.  My husband would like to increase the sugar in the dough, currently it calls for 1/3 cup.

There is approximately 6 1/2 cups four.  If I double the sugar, does anyone thinks I must add anything more to the recipe?





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It's hard to know without seeing the recipe.  My guess is it shouldn't have any drastic effect on the dough aside from making it sweeter and the additonal sugar may send your leavening into high gear, producing faster rising times.


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I have a recipe that also calls for 1/3 cup sugar.  I consistently add one full cup (2/3 cups additional) to suit the taste of my SO.  I have not found it necessary to change anything else in the recipe.  Does brown the crust just a bit more, it seems.