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Chinese Lion Cake

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Chinese Lion Cake

Our littlest one had a birthday party today - she's turning 4 on Tuesday.

She's had something of an obsession with Chinese Lion Dances ever since seeing celebrations at a Lunar New Year festivities at the dowtown gardens a couple of years ago, and this year, she requested that her cake be done in this theme.

Here is what I came up with:


His tail and ears were made of cookies. His horn was an ice cream cone cut in half.

There were candies at Winco called "Burnt Peanuts that were red and prickly and served quite well as pom poms!

This served as inspiration for the cake:

I started with a rather blocky stack of Funfetti bricks.


curly candles completed the festive disposition!


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Oh My!!  Your 4 year old will never forget this birthday and cake!  This cake is one of the best I have ever seen and I mean that...and I've seen a lot....Fabulous!  The kids are just as beautiful, adorable!


Eli's picture

and the children too!! That is so cute and detailed! I agree with Sylvia this will be a memorable one! I had a thing for Panda Bear around 5 and that cake is still my favorite. I just love buttercreme or decorator's icing!! I could eat all that cake. Rambling, sorry!

Great cake and Happy Bday!!


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Your Chinese cake is fabulous. She must have been thrilled and since the icing is the best part, I'll bet they wanted to dig right in. What an incredible memory for her.


dstroy's picture

haha - considering she's one of those kids that usually eats the icing and leaves the actual cake - this one was perfect for her. For Floyd and myself though - just a bit too sweet. ooooff. One of those things where afterwards your mouth is raw from all that sugar!

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That's one awesome cake!

Love the dragon teeth.  Your icing bowl is pretty cool, too.


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Hi, Dstroy.

The cake is fantastic! (In every sense.) Whoever can make a cake like that has more than a bit of 4 year old left in her. (That's a high compliment from me, in case there's any doubt.)


GrapevineTXoldaccount's picture

I love what you've done.  You are such a creative soul! 

I'm with the little one, I LOVE the icing on the cake.  Especially when it is cute, like this. 

Hope she enjoyed a wonderful day.  I'm about to....I finally ordered my necklace.  Your work is amazing....hint to floyd:  You should showcase it.  I'll bet many are unaware of Dstroys talents with beading. 


dstroy's picture

OH! I was wondering about that order! ha!

I saw the comment in the Note to seller and was trying to think of who I might know that was "trying to decide" but was coming up blank on anyone in your hometown who I had recently talked with. Glad to hear it - I was mystified because I knew there was some outside connection there!

Thank you for the compliments!

Your package went out today, by the way :)

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Wow, she has gotten so big!! Not a baby anymore. My grand-daughter was born in June and I can not believe the changes in a few months. Your artistic side always shows in the Birthday cakes you make for your kids. I'm looking forward to trying my hand at it soon!