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Rye/Deli Bread Pan - Source?

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Rye/Deli Bread Pan - Source?

I'm looking for a source for a "rye bread pan".  I thought at one time, King Arthur sold one made by Chicago Metallic.  The one I recall has a "half-moon" like dome (ribbed)?  Do you use a brotform, crimp pan, monrovian pan???  Any ideas will be appreciated. Thanks.

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I don't recall one like that by Chicago Mettalic.  I only recall the LaCloche baker, but I've only been peering at these sites for the last 6 months or so.

King Arthur has an oblong baker for about $50 and a round baker for about $100.  They used to sell the round La Cloche baker for about $50, and I was looking for it on their website just today.  I didn't see it so I called, and they said they no longer carry it.  The oblong baker is the same idea as the round LaCloche, just in a shape for a long thinner loaf. 

Breadtopia has the round LaCloche ( and a lot of recipes for no knead breads that you would bake it in, but it would also be good (or so I'm told) for other slow rising breads that are baked in a high humidity oven for the effect on the crust.  At least that's what I'm hoping I'll find when mine comes!

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Hi, Hissmiss415.

Your memeory is correct. KAF did carry the pan you describe. They no longer list it, as far as I can tell.

I bought one and used it once. I find I prefer an oval brotform. I got mine from the San Francisco Baking Institute. See them here:


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hissmiss415 (not verified)

Thanks Dave -- I like the idea that a purchase contributes to a Trader Joe's scholarship fund.  I'll definitely order the brotform as well as the roll stamps.