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Server upgrade coming soon

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Server upgrade coming soon

I did it. I just went and ordered a better server for TFL. It'll be a major step up in every way: twice the RAM, 5 or 6 times the CPU, faster hard drives. It should considerably reduce the double posts and number of times when TFL feels slow.

As well as the move to the new machine, it'll also be an upgrade of OS, database, web server, and content management system. I hope all of these changes will result in improvements for the user experience here, but inevitably there will be some hiccups, new tricks to learn, and new bugs to fix. And so a new adventure begins...

If the new server comes online today I'm hoping to be ready to cut the site over to the new machine Tuesday or Wednesday.

Stay tuned.


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We're all with you and sending sympathy in advance for the inevitable hiccups, etc.


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from our massive bake sale.  :)

I'm setting up the card tables and making signs.  Ya'll don't forget to bring that baked good, ya hear? 


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2brownbraids/ Vancouver, BC

Thanks Floyd,  Great idea ! 


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Can I chip in on the expenses of the new server?

The community of bakers on this site has helped me become a competent baker. The advice is invaluable.



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Increasing traffic is the best way community members can contribute, so just tell your friends they should all visit The Fresh Loaf more often. ;)

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From time to time, I post photos of my breads on Flickr. When the bread is from a recipe posted on TFL, I am referencing this site in my Flickr photo's "Comments."


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Oh! Floyd actually just created a flickr group for bread stuff!

You should join and add your photos to it!

The Fresh Loaf Flickr group:


(Floyd am I being dumb or is the make-a-link button disabled?)

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Thank you!

Yes, as Dorota mentions, I just created a TFL group over on Flickr yesterday. The TFL community is well enough defined now that I don't think that having TFL groups or offshoots on other sites (Flickr, Facebook, etc.) will hurt traffic here significantly.

I was intending on posting about it after the migration. Some of the photo posting options on the new site are going away, being replaced with new (and hopefully easier) ways. Posting from Photobucket or Flickr should still work the same.

David: you might be interested in checking out my personal photo stream on Flickr. There are a half dozen photos taken at Reed a couple of weeks ago, including a few of the new bridge and dorm.