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flour prices

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flour prices

Whoohoo! For the first time I can remember the store where I shop has KA flour on special - $4.97! Still not as low as the rest of you, but a move in the right direction. They also sell Wheat Montana flour ( in plastic bags?) but I could only see ww and ap, no bread flour. Seem to remember someone liking this flour recently and wonder if they do sell a bread flour?

Bonus, our gas was $2.63! Much better than $4.99, A

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Walmart is having a sale on flour, I brought 2 bags of "better for bread" flour for $2/5 lb bag. Our Bunon's store usually have KA flour on sale in December. I'm waiting for that once year sale. Last year, all KA flour (5 lbs) sold for $0.99/bag. I also brought KA flour from them 3 bags (5 lb/bag ) for $0.50 in the summer and stored in my freezer.

The Wheat Montana do not sell bread flour, they have only wheat flour. I visited the store  last year when I visited my son in Missoula, Mt.

Our regular gas is under $2.0/gallon.