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Baking Day

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Baking Day

Today had been planned to be a baking day since I have company this weekend. I made a preferment (sans commercial yeast) last night for some Challah, and realized I had more than enough. I decided to try Norm's Onion Rolls with a levain instead and the results are good. Great taste, however, I didn't deflate them enough.Then as I decided to look over at TFL this A.M. and I found Norm has done it again, another recipe. So, that said, I had to try the new rolls. Great and light,very easy and THANK YOU Norm, again!! You are an amazing baker!! Kudos and to eveyone reading this you should try them if you have the chance.

 Overall it has been a great bake day. I also made Mark's Sticky Buns which are great too! However, I didn't get a picture of them. Maybe Thursday I can bake some more.

New rolls are the knotted and the levain have the onion poppy seed


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The crumb on your buns looks awesome! A pity you didn't get a pic of Mark's Sticky Buns, I think they are the best!


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Those are all gorgeous.

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Hi, Eli.

Those are all gorgeous!

How much levain did you use for the onion rolls? (gms of levain/gms of flour)

I'm will be making onion rolls this weekend to freeze for Thanksgiving weekend, and I have my starter ripening, so I may want to give this a try. How could it not be delicious?


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Thank you.

David, I used 200 grams of starter.

35   grams of starter (firm)

135 grams of flour (bread)

80   grams of water

I removed those amounts from the overall total flour and h2o. I figured the starter is negligible amount but since I have made it so many times that I feel the dough out.

I allow mine to sit and triple (about 8 hours at 72 degree ambient temp). Bulk ferment around 4.5 hours. Shaping then second rise about 2 hours. My kitchen was really warm due to the baking all day.

Good luck and let me know I can answer anything else.