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Red and White wheat blend

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Red and White wheat blend

I am fairly new here.  I have been baking for about 10 yrs on and off but got really serious about it about 1 yr ago.  I no longer buy any store bought bread, tortillas etc.  I love this site and have learned a great deal from all of you.  I hope someone can give me some imput here.  I know I read about this somewhere but can't find it.

I have finally used all my store bought whole wheat flour and am about to embark on the home milling quest.  I have a Nutrimill and a Country Living Mill.  My husband has not mounted my Country Living Mill so I will be using the Nutrimill this weekend.  To the point- what combination do you use of hard white to hard red wheat when you make wheat bread?  I am going to make Hamelman's Whole Wheat Multigrain and I need 1 lb of WW flour.  Ay suggestions?  Also, has anyone tried to use the wheat flour in the liquid-levain build instead of the bread flour in his formulas?  I am wondering if it would be useful to use the WW in it if you are using fresh ground flour.  I don't want to try more than one change this weekend since the bread is for my daughter's birthday party.  I think one new element at a time.  Any imput?

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When I first "discovered" white wheat I thought that I would never again use red wheat.  I recovered from that thinking before too long.  Then as I swung back to red wheat I wondered if white wheat really had any value. Once these oscillations came to rest I was able to see the value in both of them and I now use them both regularly.  I rarely mix them but instead use them to make to entirely different types of bread.  My suggestion would be to buy some of each and play with them until you find what you like and what works for you.  They each have unique qualities making them both of value.


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I have quite a bit of both.  My husband and I being those weird people who believe in being prepared.  I actually did 50/50 for this multigrain.  I think I will try next time to do the same recipe twice and use white whaet in one and red in the other and see what differences I find.  I think you are right and I will just have to play with both a little bit.

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I also use the country living mill..Sometimes I blend and sometimes I don't. I have found that some red wheat is stronger than others. I think after a while you will find something that works for you.

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red vs white wheat

click on the above link for a TLF discussion by home millers on this very topic.

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I knew this was somewhere since I had stumbled on it before.  I appreciate you finding it and for submitting it.  It is excellent info.

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Can you please give me a quick idea on how to make a tortilla?  I have a grain mill, a bunch of different kinds of grain, and a press. - Thanks


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Here's a link to one site that shows how to make flour tortillas, well illustrated with photos:

I think that you will find that flour tortillas are usually (though not necessarily always) rolled, rather than pressed.  Tortilla presses are more commonly used for corn tortillas.  If you want to get even more information, google "making tortillas".


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I actually use a recipe that a lady posted on here.  I have not tried fresh milled flour in them yet.  I hand roll them when I make them.  I have not tried a press.  I will post the link that I found on here and use.

Hope this helps.  Frsh tortillas are so much better.