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Jewish honey cake

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Jewish honey cake

honey cake1

this is 100% white rye flour baked at 225 for 2 hours

Honey cake2Honey cake2

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I can smell it from here.  How much, and what kind of, honey did you use, and where do you buy white rye flour?

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the white rye flour i get 50 pound bags from the bakery supply house tomprow i plan to get 100 pounds of clear flour after i get it i will post

since i cant use it all i will shair and send some to any one that wants some for what it cost me. of course if your close you could pick it up.

the honey is the dark buckwheat type but clover will work as well

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I can generally only find one kind of rye flour in Montreal, a sort of generic rye, stone-ground, so that's what I use, and I'd never heard of white rye before.  Maybe because it's so late here and I'm hungry, but that is the best looking honey cake I've seen in years!  Can you post a recipe?  Please?

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i am not sure how much it would cost to send some to ca but maybe a small bag about five pounds would be cheap if the border will let it go through you can also get it from KA on line but the cost is rather high.

e-mail me for the formula snice this is realy a bread board and this realy has nothing to do with bread.

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I don't know your e-mail address but mine is and I'd love the recipe when you have the time.  I'm not sure if you could get flour across the border, or through customs, because the only time I ever ordered it from a company, it ended up costing me a small fortune.  I'll have a look around here in Montreal.  Matter of fact, I've just found out that a friend who works next store in the Curling Club is their chief cook and baker, so he might be able to steer me towards some white rye.  He's German and makes his own rye breads all the time, loves to bake as much as I do, and he's a real professional so probably knows all the places to buy flour.  Thanks so much for giving me the recipe.

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I am looking for a traditional method of making this without eggs, using rye flour and strong honey (no sugar) for my dutch stepmother who gets homesick during the holidays.  The picture looks like the cake she brings back in her suitcase when visiting her sister in Holland.  She is elderly and may not make the trip any longer so I'd like to make it for her.  Would you share the recipe?  Most of the recipes i have found have been modernized and are more cake like.   Thanks if you are able to accomodate.  Hananana

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give me your email and i will send it to you with instructions but this cake does use eggs but very little i think that loaf was 2 pounds and used 1 large egg mostly honey but a little brown sugar but you could replace the sugar with more honey

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I would really appreciate you sending me a copy of the recipe for the Jewish honey cake.

Thanks in advance,


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Thank you for sharing.  My e-mail is

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I'm jewish and make a honeycake that looks a lot like that every year, usually for Rosh Hashannah.  I've never heard of a honeycake with Rye flour.  Does it have a major effect on the taste.  Can I use my regular honey cake recipe with light (white) rye flour?

I know it's a bread board, but inquiring minds want to know.

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This looks absolutely amazing! do u mind sharing the recipe with me to?

Thank you!


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I lived in Holland for two years and used to eat a honey cake that looked a lot like yours.  Would you mind sharing your recipe with me as well?  My email is  I'd love to recreate some wonderful memories...  Thanks!!

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I can smell it from here ... China

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Nick Shepherd

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WOW it' marvellous!
Can you tell me what recipe you used, please?

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Thank you so much for this idea - I know lots of people who would enjoy this - could you post the recipe or the source?  My email is  



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Hi, I too have Dutch friends and would love to make this for them. Could you post the recipe here? 

I'm sure nobody will mind that it's more of a cake- you've got quite the interest! Then you wouldn't have to individually email everyone.


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I would also like the recipe. I will make it for my FIL  and he will love it!

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I'd like to have the recipe. Can you send it to Thanks!

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 About a year ago I posted a picture of the old fashioned Jewish honey cake that I  made.  As of late the thread has had a lot of new activity and appears to have been resurrected.  As a ret pro baker many members have called upon me to post formulas and help with baking problems. I have made a few fans on this board so I hope all of my friends here understand what I am going to say and not be to mad at me.

While I will help everyone here as much as I can I am currently under contract with a publisher and have partnered with a writer to produce a book about the history of jewish baking and it will contain formulas that have never appeared in print with the exception of hand written decaying pieces of paper. Most of these formulas have been verbally past down from baker to baker for generations.  The formulas will be reduced to amounts that can be easily made in a home kitchen (I don't think anybody wants to make 75 pounds of flour of Kaiser rolls or a layer cake that starts with 36 pounds of sugar and 18 pounds of butter at home) along with instructions and possibly a DVD with demos and follow along segments (bake-a-long with norm) so the average home baker can make these professional formulas in their home kitchen and get bakery quality results.

because the list of formulas has not been finalized I am not sure what will be included or not.  the agreement included a clause that stated that I cannot do anything that could possibly reduce the books value so I am not at liberty to post formulas and instructions at this time. the manuscript and DVD should be finished and delivered to the publisher by the end of 2010 and be in print within a year after that. 

Please everybody I hope you understand and wish me luck

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Please let us know when you publish! That is a book I'd like to buy. You have contributed so much expertise here!

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How do I get the book?

Living in Outer Goyville, NZ