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Bigger machine = bigger mistakes

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Bigger machine = bigger mistakes

So ... I got my long awaited Bosh Universal Plus.  I am so happy to assign the second hand Kitchen Aid to cookies and quick breads and make loaves and loaves of challah in my gigantic Bosch.  Thursday is my day to bake for my Friday "customers", but since I just got the Bosch I decided I would do a test run earlier this week.  I made 4 loaves of plain challah and they were wonderful.  I learned from others that unlike the food processor or the Kitchen Aid, it is best with the Bosch to add liquid first and then add the flour one scoop at a time.  SO last night I measured out my 5 pounds of flour, a cup of sugar and all the other ingredients that I need to make my first massive batch of dough (I had to do one pound at a time in the food processor and KA) so that I can hit the ground running this morning while I get the kids off to school.  First thing this morning I get my liquids in, I add my flour, sugar, salt, and vanilla but find that I need less flour than I thought, I figured that it must be the wonderful mixer doing its magic.  Anyway, I set the machine to speed three for ten minutes and start to get the kids up and ready.  My seven year old asks if there is time for eggs for breakfast.  EGGS!  I forgot to add the EGGS!  You can not have egg challah without egg! - No wonder the dough was so dry!  ARG!  Well of course in a panic I start adding eggs which of course just makes a yellow sloshy mess in the mixer AND all over the counter which is where it is all going since I have the lid off - throw some flour in on top as if that is going to fix anything.  It was as if I had flushed my wedding ring down the toilet and then just started flushing everything I own down with it -I was in such a panic that here I am adding 6 eggs to an already mixed dough! 

Well having already learned the hard way that flour can be replaced, but my time can not - I centered myself, tossed the entire mess into the trash and just started again.  I now have 6 lovely challahs cooling on the rack and a whole mess of rolls to give as samples.  I have to buy more flour as I only buy 10 pounds at a time, but I am happy that I was able to brush myself off and start fresh.

So the long and the short of it is that I LOVE my new Bosch - I just need to remember that it is only a mixer - I am still the baker.


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Glad to hear your success of bosh mixer.  I too have adjusted recipes to accomodate smaller mixers.  One thing I would like to know what your (or any one else) experience is on crusty breads, e.g. greater rise, easier to knead wet dough,etc.  or is the same results as hand mixing a smaller amount?

From one who keeps looking at the bosh.

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Highheat, I use my Bosch to make large batches of bread to use up my discarded sourdough starter. Today I took 4 cups of starter and added ww flour, quick cooking oats and enough bread flour to make a soft dough which cleaned the sides of the bowl. I have 3 pans of bread proofing on top of my little propane heating stove (pilot light only) and the bread fairy will be visiting some of my neighbors later today. I don't use the Bosch for my single loaf of Susan's sourdough, just for larger amounts - and I love it, A.

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It's so wonderful to hear that others get in a panic as well.  Thanks for the post!


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Probably the most disturbing thing about baking is throwing out sour dough starter.  Having the bosh to make all that bread looks like a good solution.  Bread can be the new holiday gift (if I can get machine in time)

thanks for the response, it gives me more confidence that the machine will not gather dust and perform as advertised.