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KitchenAid5 Qt 475 Watt at Costco -- what mixer is this really?

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KitchenAid5 Qt 475 Watt at Costco -- what mixer is this really?

I'm *considering* not committed to replacing my 12 year old KA SM (4.5 qt but a workhorse -- I think the older ones were more powerful...maybe I'm wrong...).

Anyway, for the past year or so I've seen the great deal KA 5 qt mixer at Costco; it is a bowl lifter, but what throws me is it is 475 watt. I can't find what model this is on the KA website. Is it made especially for Costco? Anyone have experience with it? I use my mixer about 5 times a week, mostly bread, often whole grain breads, so I need some goooooo power. Any input on this particular mixer? I'm also looking at the Cuisinart that Cook's Illustrated recommends so highly, but the model escapes me and I'm too lazy to log in and look it up right now :)

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There is no way its 475 hp, it must be 475 watts.  I haven't heard great things about the new KA mixers--I use one from when they were still Hobarts.

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I got this same mixer last year at QVC, I thought the dough hook was kind of swirly, not C shaped, I also have the older $199 model, I haven't used it much, it is a bit noisy but no problems yet/

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The model number is KV25GOxBW, mine was blue willow so that's why the BW at the end. And it is a spiral dough hook with this.

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It's called Professional HD and I think it's sold only through Costco and Sam's Club.  I picked a refurbished one at Amazon for $150 a couple of years ago and haven't had any complaints.


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that would be one heck of a mixer!!   ;  ) This is the same mixer my husband bought me for my birthday last year. I do like it, but it took some getting use to after my Oster.
If you are making very small or very large quantities of bread, perhaps not the best choice. I find it does not mix a 1 loaf recipe well. I have to stop and scrape the bottom to make sure all the flour is incorporated.
I usually will make two 2lb loaves, and it is perfect for this job. If you are a baker, it is a great tool for cakes, meringues, whipped cream etc. and is the right mixer for you.


EDIT NOTE: I just realized that this isn't the model I have. I have the Pro 600, which is 575 watt, has the spiral dough hook. I've never made more than 4 lbs at a time. I have had no problems with whole grains, runs like a champ.

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We researched the Costco mixer online but didn't find a thing. Our conclusion was that it must be Made for Costco as was stated above. The Costco mixer is to tall (19 1/2") to sit on the countertop and clear the bottom of the upper cabinet. I bought a referbished mixer with more wattage from the Kitchen Aid website. So far it works fine for this novice bread maker.


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I have had this mixer for about a year and it works fine as a general purpose mixer. I'm not crazy about this model for bread however. It has a C shaped dough hook that tends to gobble up the dough and simply spin it around. K.A. makes a spiral shaped dough hook that works much better, but unfortunately will not work on this model. If your primary reason for buying the mixer is to make bread I cannot recommend it. For other purposes it works just fine.