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Sourdough Pizza

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Sourdough Pizza

Tonight I tried using my starter to make a sourdough pizza:

It turned out very good. I was afraid it would be too sour, but the sourness was totally overpowered by the tomato and garlic sauce.

I used something in the ballpark of:

1 cup starter
2 cups bread flour
1 cup water
2 teaspoons salt

I had a bit of extra dough so I made breadsticks too, which are in the foreground.

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Is it a new trend to make sourdough pizza?

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LOL. Not that I know of, I just needed to refresh my starter and was trying to think of something to do with it this weekend.

Maybe I am on to the "next big thing"... ;-)

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before commercial yeast - for many centuries.    I think it is a re-discovery of an 'ancient' 'next big thing :-)

Nice Pizza and sticks Floyd


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Howdy...this is my first post (been lurking for a while). 

What made me post was that I made what I thought was the best pizza the other night.  It came from Peter Reinhart's American Pie cookbook.  Before this my favorite was the neo-neopolitan.  Now the sourdough has reached the top.  When I first got the cookbook I spent a week eating pizza(my family was gone at the time)

My starter has been more of an wing it kind of thing.  It started as a about a tablespoon of Freindship Bread starter that my wife got(which I believe had been passed through many kitchens by the time it hit our counter).  The refreshes were different each time(rye, ww, white and combinations)... 1/2 cup starter, 1 cup of flour, less than 1 cup of warm water.  And varies depending on what' on hand and the vibe of the day.  It occasionally sits in the fridge for extended periods and gets revived.

Like the King Arthur people I utlized my bread maker for mixing and left it in there until doubled(or more).  The dough went in the fridge overnight.  The next day I did not have time to let the dough sit on the counter a few hours so it went right to shaping the dough.  My kids make their own and enjoy that part.

The electric oven is outfitted with unglazed quarry tile for baking on.

For some reason the pie dough turn out what I thought was perfect, and I just had to shout the praises of sourdough pizza.  It also made a pretty nice small loaf(had some left over).  Next is to try grilling it.

Cheers from Girdwood, Alaska(Home of the Bakeshop - best cinnamon rolls in Alaska and the most awesome sourdough affiliation just love their products)

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After you mixed the above recipe, how did you treat it?  Did you proceed as in the recipe in the "--Primer"?