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Time to replace my oven-need ideas...and dreams.

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Time to replace my oven-need ideas...and dreams.

My stove is about 30 yrs old and I am giving some thought to replacing it. I'm wondering what attributes I should be looking for? Oven size-racks-steam??

What is out there for the serious home baker?


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Well I saw this


at my local salvage use building stuff store for like $1500.  Apparently it will cook like an oven or with steam or a combination and retailing for like $4800 I would think $1500 is a pretty good deal.

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You can spend thousands for a stove.  I know there are steam-injectors available for home kitchens but I'm not sure if they are worth the money. 

If you are going for a gas stove, sealed burners and pilot-less ignition are a must.  The former makes cleaning a breeze and the latter saves money.

Do have lots of fun shopping and once you get your choices pared down to a few, make sure you check around on the Internet for opinions by others who have purchased the same model.   I did that earlier this year and found that some of the most expensive models also came with lots of quality control and technical problems.  

Hope you find your dream stove and that it serves you well.


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I have the Kitchen Aid Steam assist oven with Bread proofing (electric)


I love the proof feature, but I'm still working on using the steam.  Its still a farily new to me, so my first few loaves were slightly overcooked.



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I'll leave the resident experts to comment on the oven but regarding the top of the stove you really must check out induction. This is without a doubt the way of the future for pan cooking. My colleague is in the induction hob and induction cooker business, mainly for commercial users, and his business is booming because of the ease of use, coolness and energy savings of induction. Check out his site on it has a lot of useful info on energy savings etc. From a user perspective he says the main reasons people go for induction cooking is that there is virtually no heat generated by the induction cooker and because the cooking surface is quite cool nothing burns when it is spilt.

Maybe to get the best of both worlds you buy a seperate oven and have the hob built into your worktop then you wont have to compromise on either.

Good luck with whatever stove you buy! Bert

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* 1  I prefer an electric oven: gives less water in the kitchens atmosphere.

* 2  oven width 60 or 90 cm?:

 mine is 60 cm outside width. baking stone 40 cm*30*2.5 weighs 9 kilo. in a 90 cm oven it will probably be about 17 kilo!

* 3 max oventemperature at least 250° for rolls and 275°C for pizzas.

* 4 a rail-system for bakingtrays is very usefull. you can pull the baking-stone complete outside the oven for easy delivering slack doughs on it.

 see the 4 first pics on:

*5 when buying  your oven, order at the same time for 1 extra (flat) bakingtray and 1 extra oven rack. its a good investment.

* 6 I have absolute no idea about steam ovens (nor breadbakingmachines)

succes and have fun