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Is there an alternative to a brush for glazing bread? ie with egg, oil etc.

I stopped using a brush as it became all gunged up and uncleanable, most unhygienic. Since then I've used my fingers, but again, that's rather messy.

I wonder if there are other gadgets available.

Thanks - Pat.

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There are good quality silicone brushes out there that work quite nicely and are far more easily cleaned than your old, traditional pastry brush.

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in large bakeries that baked in very large amounts air powered spray guns are used for egg wash and orher fluids.  These are the type of guns used in car body shops. Smaller electric guns are used in smaller operations as well as brushes.

In one place we used a hand pressurized sprayer the one used to spray bug killers.

in the home a good quality plastic spray bottle (like ZEP brand) could be used to apply most fluid items.


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Try the Krebs LM25 food gun. It is electric, so no need for compressed air.

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Thanks for the plug Baker2009.

Yes-before buying any food sprayer, make sure the plastic is "food grade".  These days most paint guns / plastic spray bottles are made in China and unfortunately do not use food grade materials.  It explains why sometimes you might notice a plastic taste in some bread / bagels etc. (lovely toxins!)


KREBS Switzerland LM25 and LM45 Food Guns

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Good ideas - thanks folks. I think I have a plastic spray bottle, which should give a more even cover too.

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they use the same equipment as drive through car washes to glaze the loaves. It's all automated. High volume through-put. Wonderful system.

Just kidding.


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your not far from the truth. in automatic plants the large sheet pans are fed through a convaor belt through a tunnel where a machine sprays the product with computer controled jets that spray only the product and gets very litle over spray on the pans.

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I've been using a Krea multiSPRAY for about a year now (looks like they changed their name from Krebs to Krea) and I like how versatile it is. Whether egg wash or glazes, it works well. No more gunky pastry brush and I can run the parts through the dishwasher to get them clean. I bought mine from Professional Equipment here in the US.